It’s about time!

I’ve been threatening to do this for some time now.  Working by yourself at a bench, you have lots of time to think…. and you see a lot of interesting stuff crossing the  bench that sets off a train of thought.  So why not write about it?

There are few moments in a day when I don’t have at least some ink on my fingers.  (I went to a doctors appointment a couple of years ago.  The nurse looked at my hands and said “you have ink on your fingers.”  “Well DUH!  Do you know what I do for a living?” )  The computer is right behind me for easy information research, or writing.

So the “Blue Fingers Blog…”  Ramblings about repairs,  techniques, cool stuff that I’ve discovered or developed,  maybe a political rant after listening to too much NPR, or stuff that I don’t dare say as a moderator on FPN.

2 Responses to “It’s about time!”

  1. Tim Ettenheim Says:

    looking forward to seeing your thoughts!

  2. emaho Says:

    Hi Ron:

    Thanks for starting this blog! It’ll be an interesting addition to already interesting site. I hope you find the time to comment frequently.

    Best of luck,