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We ask that you contact us by email or by phone before sending any pens in for repair.  Our mailing address is not on the website so that we can talk about the pens and repairs first, and to prevent random pens landing in our box.  (Yes, it happens)  Our email address is on the Contact Us page.
When pens are sent we must have the following information in with the pens. Without this information we will not be able to proceed to check in or work on the pens:
* A list of pens being sent and what is work is to be done
* Your name and contact information - phone number, mailing address and email address.
Length of warranty:
Pens are guaranteed for one year from date of repair or sale.  The repair warranty applies to all pens sold unless otherwise noted in the listing. ( for example, consignment pens or Cheapskate Alley)   Pelikan parts supplied as "refurbished" have a 90 day warranty.
What is covered:
Restoration work and parts used in restoring your pen, excluding latex sacs and diaphragms.  Latex sacs and diaphragms are covered for 90 days. 
What is not covered:
Pens that have been misused, or abused,  pens that have been filled with India (drawing) ink; and cracks or other damage not related to the repairs performed on the pen.  Pens that have not been periodically cleaned and maintained. Pens that have been opened or worked on by anyone other than Main Street Pens.  Cleaning and maintenance is the responsibility of the owner and is not covered under our warranty.
What we will do in case
of a warranty claim:
We will correct the defect and return the pen to you at our expense.
What you need to do:
Save your receipt! Send the pen to us with a copy of your receipt and a with note explaining the problem you are experiencing. An email letting us know that the pen is being sent would be helpful! It's as simple as that.
Return policy on pens sold Pens may be returned for refund or exchange under the following conditions :
* They are returned in the same condition in which they were sold.   Any and all of the items listed under "What is not covered," means that the pen is not in the same condition in which it was sold, and  may not be returned..
*  You must return the pen within 10 days of being received.  Since we ship by priority mail, it is assumed that the pen is received 2 days after it is shipped.
*Refunds are issued after we receive and inspect the pen.  
* Please note that we do not refund shipping charges.
Payment We do not ask for, or require, a deposit or pre-payment for repairs.   Payment for repairs is expected when the repairs are completed.  We appreciate prompt payment - your payment is our paycheck!   We accept PayPal, and credit cards  (Master Card, Visa and Discover) when you call with the card number.  We can send a PayPal invoice if requested -  you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay.   We reserve the right in certain cases, to require payment by bank check  or postal money order.  International payments must be made in USD.

We will notify you by email when repairs are completed, with a postcard follow up if there is no response to our emails.  The last notice will be by mail.    Repaired pens for which payment has not been received 30 days after the initial email notification will be considered abandoned and may be sold or used for parts.  Should you decide not to have a repair done or completed, we charge for return  shipping.

 We ship only after payment has been received in full.
Shipping Shipping to locations in the US is by USPS flat rate priority mail with insurance and signature confirmation.   We think that signature confirmation while perhaps at times inconvenient, is a good way to insure that the pen gets to you. 

We do ship to locations outside of the US.  Shipping is by International flat rate priority mail with full insurance, or first class registered mail.   For repairs, we state that the pen is the owners pen, with no commercial value, then list the repair charges.  For pen sales or sales of other items we list the pen or item as what it is, with the price as sold on the customs form, and the receipt in the package.  We do not understate prices or charges to evade taxes.  It is illegal.  Please do not ask.  The owner of the pen/customer is responsible for all Customs, VAT,  landing or other fees which may be collected or charged for their respective countries.
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