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All pens shown are restored to our standards, in nice working order, and backed by our standard warranty
Details about each pen will be provided below.  

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Pen #3092     Sheaffer  Valiant Snorkel Set   SOLD
snorkel set
Overall Grade: excellent!
Metal: excellent
Material:  Forticel
Nib condition: excellent
Flaws:  none
Filler:   snorkel
 Point:  fine
Imprint:  excellent
Size:  5.6"
COMMENTSAlong with the Parker 51, the snorkel is one of the most popular pens of all time.  Introduced in 1952 the pen continued in production through 1959.  You find them all over the place, but you often find them in rough shape, with rusted parts inside.  This one is very clean, all internal parts clean and intact.    The nib is a 14K two tone nib, that I would rate as having a fine line.  The imprint is crisp. No brassing, the clip holds well, no wiggle, no lift of the plastic material around the clip. The pencil is working with what may be the original eraser.   It sort of erases, but even the NOS erasers from the factory are getting to be fairly hard.  The original box is shown.  The usual marks inside.  There is a piece of clear tape on the inside of the lid.  It might come off with a little heat - I did not try to remove it.  The outside is clean.  Any unevenness on the edges in the picture is my hasty editing.  Fully restored with all new rubber parts, filled and tested.  We will include a photocopy of the original Snorkel instructions.

Pen #3101  Matador Red Parker 45       SOLD
Overall Grade: excellent
Metal: rolled gold
Material: plastic
Nib condition: excellent
Flaws: none
Filler: cartridge/converter
             converter included
 Point: fine
Size:  5.4"
COMMENTS:   The Parker 45 was introduced in the early 60s, not so much as a student pen, but as a reliable, easily refilled pen.  It started with the Eversharp Big E, but received refinements like the clutch ring, a gold nib and a washer clip.  Parker went on to make the pen for 46 years, adding the all metal Flighter, Signet and Coronet pens to the lineup.  This pen is in Matador red, a spectacular, eye catching color that I haven't seen before.  The pen is in excellent condition. The cap refrosted, a couple of flea bites and a couple of marks on the tassie.  I've installed a rebuilt metal converter, with a PVC sac installed in place of the latex sac.

Pen #3099  Sheaffer Tuckaway set     SOLD
Overall Grade: excellent
Metal: excellent
Material:  celluloid
Nib condition: excellent
Flaws:  see description
Filler: plunger
 Point: fine
Size:  4.5""
COMMENTS:   Sheaffer introduced the Tuckaway in 1941 as a pen that could be carried in a purse or man's pocket, pretty much in any position.  Short in the pocket, but a comfortable length for writing with the cap posted. They aren't designed for writing Epistles, but for jotting notes, and all that without having to have a shirt pocket to carry your pen.  The pen originally was clipless, and still is in a sense.  Sheaffer called the clip a "clasp."  There is still some transparency to the pen.  You can see the plunger rod in the picture above.  The pencil which uses 0.036" "thin" leads works very well.  The nib in the pen is a nice writing fine.  The box has a stain in the top of the lid, but the outside is in very good condition.    This set has been restored, as are all of the pens that appear on this page, the pen restored with our high grade, long life synthetic rubber materials.

Pen #3098  Non-lifetime Slender Balance    SOLD
Overall Grade: extra fine
Metal: excellent
Material:  celluloid
Nib condition: excellent
Flaws:  see description
Filler: plunger
 Point: extra fine #3 gold nib
Imprint: extra fine
Size:  5.4"
COMMENTS:   If Sheaffer was going to cut corners, it was usually in things like the trim, or the nib.  This slender Balance is of the same quality as the Lifetime pens, but with no white dot and a #3 gold nib.  But it also has a jewelers band cap. There are some posting marks on the end of the barrel,  and a few flea bites, but over all in good condition - and has been priced accordingly.  The pen has a nice writing extra fine nib.    Restored of course!

Pen #3093  Navy blue  Eversharp  Skyline    SOLD
Overall Grade: extra fine
Metal: excellent
Material:  plastic
Nib condition: excellent
Flaws:  see description
Filler: lever
 Point: medium
Size:  5.2"
COMMENTS:    It seems like things come in threes - and this is the third Skyline Model 61 Presentation pen and the second blue one in the last 3 months or so,.    I've always considered the Skyline to be a funky pen.  Designed by Henry Drefuss and released by Eversharp in the summer of 1940, they were a striking example of the streamlined design rage.... Trains, aircraft, pens.....  Take a look at the New York Central's 20th Century Limited, and you'll see the link.  This pen is in nice shape.  The inner cap has been secured. no dents, no brassing, even on the lever where you usually see the plating worn from contact with the cap. The clip wraps over the top and attaches on the back just as it should.   The pen which is a nice Navy blue has a nice writing medium nib.  The one flaw - someone tried to unroll the cap lip, and so it was uneven when the pen was received.  I've straightened out the edge and rolled over the edge of the cap lip so that it is even again.  If you know these pens you'll notice the difference from original, but it looks really good.  But for that repair the pen would likely be listed $30 higher.

Pen #3014   Parker Challenger    SOLD
Overall Grade: extra fine
Metal: excellent
Material: celluloid
Nib condition: excellent
Flaws: see comments
Filler:   button
 Point: fine gold nib
Imprint:    worn but readable
Size:  5"
COMMENTS:   Made in the first quarter of 1940 the Challenger was a middle line of pens, sharing components with the Duofold Jr pens, but a better quality than the Parkettes.  This was in the middle of the production time line - so it's design predated the Royal Challenger, but the clip design is more like the Vacumatic with the jewel on top. The imprint is a bit worn, but readable.  There is some wear to the plating on the clip as is typical with the nickel trim pens, but no brassing.  The cap bands have been replated with nickel. The window in the section shows ink level, the breather tube that you see on the inside on these pens did absolutely nothing.  It just made you think that it took in a little more ink because it was there - but there wasn't a hole going from the middle of the feed up to the ink channel as there was on the Vacumatic pens.  Just marketing....   Restored, as are all of our pens! 

Pen #2849   Sheaffer  Gregg Shorthand pen      SOLD        
Overall Grade: extra fine
Metal:  replated
Material:  celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws: 
Filler: lever
Point: fine 14K stamped GREGG
Imprint: none - see comments
Size:  5.0"
COMMENTSThis is an interesting little pen, and perhaps rare.  I've only handled one in over 30 years of collecting and repairing pens..  It's on the slender side, but not skinny.  When posted, the pen is nicely balanced.   Richard Binder has an interesting article on the Gregg shorthand pens if you're curious.  Sheaffer made the Addipoint with an interchangeable nib at a lower price point, but in the late 1930s they made this pen..  Binder describes it as "a “throwback” straight-line flat-topped model, with the straight silhouette of the cap providing a good frame for Gregg logo in the cap crown and with a humped flat-ball clip taken from Sheaffer’s then-current WASP sub-brand pens."  The 14K nib is a nice writing fine.  The trim has been replated with a base layer of nickel and top layer of gold.  Fully restored.

What's with this "fully restored" thing anyway? 
There are some sellers out there who will put a sac in a pen and call it "restored."   I'm not one of them.
I started repairing pens for myself back in the late 80s or so, and of course was restoring them
the way that I thought that they should be.... and the way that most people would want their pens
to be and write.  The work is done with attention to detail, nice looking, cleaned, nib smoothed,
polished and working.   That habit was ingrained in me,
and it's still the way I repair pens - for my self, to sell, or for clients.

Note that all pens are sold without ink, cartridges or converters
 unless otherwise noted.

Wondering how we grade pens?
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