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Rayovac Workhorse  penlight     $12 
COMMENTSI've had a  Rayovac penlight on the "stuff" page for quite a while now.   They're great for looking down a cap or barrel with plenty of focused light,   I found them when the batteries on my Lenser LED light went bad (I'm always putting the thing down, forgetting to turn it off first), and I discovered that the batteries cost as much as the flashlight ($15)  So I bought the Rayovacs.  Several actually, and never looked back..   I keep one on the bench, a couple in the tool box so that I can find one when I mislay the one in the bench, one next to my "office" chair, one on the bedside table....  It's a great little penlight. 

Then I came across these....   and decided to grab them.   It's a Rayovac penlight on steroids.   Output is 18 lumens vs. 3,  two  AAA batteries instead of one, machined aluminum end to end, a metal clip instead of plastic.  The power switch is on the back end (with an 0-ring seal)  unscrews to install or replace the two alkaline batteries that are included.  You get LOTS of light down your cap or barrel.  Everything in bright detail  ,and the beam still narrow enough that you don't get too much back scatter around the cap.  The thing is though that there are only a few available.  I'm keeping two, and the rest are up for grabs.  So when they're gone, they're gone! 
     Only eight  penlights available...       

Oh yeh....  that white spot off the end of the flashight?  That's not Photo Shopped.  It's bright enough to show even under a light tent and the bright CFL that I use for shooting pen pictures.   If you're dumb enough to look straight at the end, it's your problem.

Pen #2841   Jackwin   custom cursive italic nib  SOLD
pen 2841
Overall Grade: extra fine
Metal: extra fine
Material:  celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:       none
Filler:  lever
Point: fine cursive italic
Size:  5.4"
COMMENTS:   This pen has been knocking around the shop for a long time, and sitting on the bench for months waiting for me to restore it.  Beautiful  green striped celluloid - I just restored an Ingersol that is it's kissing cousin in pattern and color, though not quite the same material.  The shade of green changes as you rotate the cap, the ends the original forest green celluloid.    Jackwin is a sub brand of Eclipse, and though a cheaper pen, still decently made.  This is a big pen, the size of a Duofold Sr.   The original nib and feed are long gone, so I've reworked the section and have installed a Schmidt nib, custom ground to a smooth fine cursive italic.  I really like writing with this nib.  The original inner cap was wood (!), which I have replaced with a new hard rubber inner cap.   I've installed a PVC sac figuring that you're likely to want to use some of the modern inks with a nib like this.  Nice pen.

Pen #2826     Debutante  Vacumatic   FLEX nib     $107
2826  SD Vac
Overall Grade: extra fine
Metal:  excelent
Material:  celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  no imprint
Filler:  Vacumatic
Point:   extra fine  Flexable
Size:  4.5"
COMMENTSThis is a second generation Vacumatic, and the smallest of the line.  The plastic filler VS a Speedline filler indicates that it is a later production pen (i.e. after 1942).  The imprint is completely gone from the barrel.  The pen has been restored.  No brassing or tooth marks.  The nib is a flexible extra fine.  Not wet noodle, but  I think qualifies as a flexible nib.

Pen #2836 Parker  75  Flighter Deluxe     $137
75 2836
Overall Grade: excellent
Metal:  excellent Material:  celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:
Filler: cartridge/converter
             converter included
Point:   fine
Size:  5.1"
COMMENTSThis is an interesting pen.   The Parker 75 flighter was made between 1974 and 1990.    The moniker "flighter" started with the Parker 51, continued through the 61 and 45, and is used here as well.  The "deluxe" models had the gold ring engraved in the cap, and had the gold plated clip and dished tassie on top.  What is weird about this one is that i has no markings.  None.  Anywhere.  The person I bought it from confirmed that it came out of the estate of a former Parker employee.  Why no stampings?    What I also find interesting is that the metal is a bit different in color than the usual Parker stainless - more towards blue than the typical gray of stainless steel.  Prototype? Test?  Your guess is as good as mine.  The pen has the later "fat feed" round section, and the nib unit was made in France, so a later nib. A piston converter is installed.  The pen is in excellent condition , with the original frosting.  The pen comes in a Parker box.

Pen #2837 Parker 75 Flighter Deluxe pencil   $57
75 2837
Overall Grade: excellent
Metal:  excellent Material:  stainless steel
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws: none
Filler: pencil
Point:   NA
Imprint:   excellent
Size:  5.1"
COMMENTSThe 75 pencil has a standard twist action mechanism, 0.9 mm (0.036") lead.  Original eraser, which is about the same size as all of the Parker erasers except for the Duofold line.  If you can find them, the Parker Insignia erasers fit nicely. I was planning on selling the 75 flighter fountain pen and pencil as a set.  But, there are no markings on the pen, and the stainless is a different color, so the pencil is listed separately.    If you buy the Flighter fountain pen at the same time, I'll sell the pencil with it for $47.

Pen #2806  Early Inkograph      $137
Overall Gradeexcellent
Metal:  extra fine
Material: Bakelite
Nib conditionexcellent
Filler:  eyedropper
Point:  fine
Size:  5.3"
COMMENTS:   The Inkograph is an interesting pen.  If I have my facts straight, the stylographic pen was invented in the US, and then taken over to Europe where it became popular because of the lower cost for the tube instead of a standard nib, and then came back to the USA with the Rotring and other brand pens as technical drawing pens.  The last round of Inkograph pens were made of a cheap injection molded plastic, but some of the early ones were made of Bakelite and hard rubber.  I have one that is a gorgeous mottled hard rubber lever filler, and some in a marbled plastic, I assume celluloid.
    This is the only eyedropper Inkograph that I've ever seen.  The weight on the wire goes all of the way down to the end of the barrel instead of having something in the section that keeps it from falling down inside.  I've had the pen for some time, and have not been able to remove the section, which leads me to believe that it is either glued or secured with shellac.  The way to fill the pen is to unscrew the front end, removing the "nib" and wire.  From the feel of the pen, I think that the cap may be celluloid, but the barrel is not - it has the classic look of Bakelite.  The pen is quite clean.  There is some brassing to the top and ball of the clip, and some on the cap band.  The "nib" is gold colored, but I assume gold plated steel as gold would be too soft and would wear quickly.  The pen is about the size of a Duofold Sr.

Pen #2827    Sheaffer Craftsman     $87
pen 2827
Overall Grade: extra fine
Metal:  excellent
Material:  Forticel
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:      see comments
Filler:  Touchdown
Point:  fine    14K  #33
Size:  5"
COMMENTS: I think of these as the "Chevy" of the pen world.  A basic pen, reliable, popular because of their price point.  The 33 nib is about the same size as a #3 or a Jr nib but 14K.  They're decent nibs, better than the steel nibs you find on most pens today.  The TD version was introduced in 1950, using the same internal components as the TM Touchdown pens, but keeping the 33 nib of the earlier versions.  This was the last of the "wire band" pens in the Sheaffer line.

Pen #2630    Parker Flighter BP and Pencil set  $117
Overall Grade: excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: stainless
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  
Filler:  Touchdown
Size:  5"
COMMENTS: I don't list ballpoints or pencils very often.  But this one is worth listing...  The Parker Flighter sets are worth collecting - refined and set apart from the rest of the crowd by their design and trim - the two gold bands engraved itno the caps are a nice defining touch,   The pencil on the set is twist activated, the BP cap acutated.  The pencil works, though you may want to replace the eraser.  The Parker Insignia erasers will fit if you can find them.  I'm all out of them.   The BP has a working refill, and also takes Parkers Gel refills, or the Monteverde EZ flow refills, or any other refill made to the DIN standard including Pelikan.  No dents or dings, nice frosting.  The pen has a black jewel, the pencil the pearl white jewel to make it easy to identify which is which in your pocket.

Pen #2833   Parker Super 21   $77
Overall Grade: excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: plastic
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws: 
Filler: aerometric
Point:    fine  octanium
Size:  5.1"
COMMENTSThe 21 was introduced in 1948, and went through a number of design changes before coming to this pen in the late 50s.  This is the last version of the 21, with the 51 style feed and an octanium nib, and the arrow clip which is similar to the clip found on a Parker 45.  The 21 eliminated the clutch in the cap with a clutch ring that puts pressure on the wall of the cap.  But top has a metal button that has the screw built into it that screws into the inner cap.  Fun facts about this version of the 21 - need a collector for a debutante 51?  The collector fits.  Need an octanium nib for your 51 special?  Yup, you can take the nib out of one of these pens.  This pen is nice and clean.  No dents or or other marks.The cap has been refrosted, the pen restored with a new PVC sac, which is what a plyglass sac is.  The octanium nib is a nice, smooth writing fine. It would be a great daily carry pen, and with its PVC sac could go a long time without being restored.

Pen #2811 Parker Imperial Vacumatic set - Sr size  $527
pen 2811

Overall Grade: fine
Metal:  excellent
Material:  celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  see comments
Filler: vacumatic
Imprint: extra fine  both pen
     and pencil 4th quarter 1940
Size: 5.5"
COMMENTSThis is the Parker Imperial Vacumatic, made for just 2 years, and can truthfully be described as rare. In the  30 or so years that I've been collecting, this is the first I've owned, and only the 3rd or 4th that I've handled, and the first SET I've seen. The metal cap predates the Parker 51 by a year, and has threads on the inside end of the cap, just ahead of the inner cap.  No threads on the barrel because they are at the front end of the section.  This is the Sr size pen, i.e. the larger of the two made - note that it is a double jeweled pen.   The nib is a smooth fine, the pump clean as a whistle, and the barrel has nice clarity.  Not the bright green of a mint pen, but clear.  The pencil is perfect - no dings, no scratches, excellent imprint.  The pen has some nicks in the barrel (you can see one in the picture), and the cap is dented in several places.  I've done what I can to remove the dents.  The ones that remain are above the thread ring, and above the inner cap which I can not remove. The bottom picture shows you some gouges in the cap.  If this set were in perfect condition it would be priced in the range of $1100.  The pen has been restored and tested; it's a nice writing pen.  The pencil works just fine.   Click here for a larger picture.   

Pen #2820    clear Sheaffer No Nonsense FP     $57
Overall Grade: near mint
Metal:  excellent
Material:  plastic
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:       none
Filler:  Cartridge/converter
            cartridge included
Point:  fine gold plated
Size:  5.0"
COMMENTS: Not a very common pen in a light smoked gray.  I picked this up at a pen show a few years ago, new old stock, and converted it to a fountain pen, adding the inner cap, and a gold plated nib, which Sheaffer put in their "vintage" NN pens.  No converter at this price, but any of the piston or squeeze converters will fit the pen.  The cartridge in the pen will go with it.  Not pierced....  when  you get the pen just turn the cartridge around to use it. The nib is a gold plated fine.

Pen #2715     Parker Duofold Ballpoint and Pencil Set      SOLD

Overall Grade: excellent
Metal:  gold plated Material: acrylic
Nib condition:   Flaws:  none Filler: 
Point:  NA
Imprint: Size: 5.1"
COMMENTS:    This  Parker Duofold ballpoint and pencil set is from my collection.  It goes with either the Centennial or International pens.  In the box, no outer box or papers.  Working refill, unused eraser in the pencil.  No dents, no dings in the caps.  Both have the  Parker Duofold medallion in the cap.  In the original wood box, which is in excellent condition with just a couple of minor marks on it, no outer box.  Save $50 if you buy both the fountain pen (2781) and bp/pencil set.

Pen #2740    MINT Sheaffer Craftsman  w/tag   $117

Overall Grade: extra fine
Metal:  excellent Material:  Forticel
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:   none Filler:  touchdown
Point:   medium
Imprint:  CRISP Size:   5.1"
COMMENTS The Craftsman was a mid-range pen in the Sheaffer line.  #33 14K nib, touchdown filler,  celluloid section.  This one is mint.  The sticker is gone, but the hang tag is still on the pen.  No brassing of course, no damage to the plastic, and a crisp imprint.  Note the clear section.  The pen has been filled with water to make sure it fills, but  not tested if ink. If you want me to fill it and test for flow, I'll be happy to do that before we send it.  
Brobdingnagian Pin Vise  V2.0    $28

COMMENTS:   Named the Brobdingnagian Pin Vise with apologies to both  Johnathan Swift and Dorothy Sayers*  

This has to be one of the most useful tools in my tool box.  I made mine 3 or more years ago, and find myself constantly reaching for it when restoring pens.  The 3/8" chuck will hold drill bits for cleaning out snorkel sac guards, reamers,  taps, tapers,  you name it.   It's much easier to grip this tool than just a drill, or  a tap wrench which never tightens right on a round object, and fits a wide range of diameters from a #50 drill all the way up to 3/8"   If it fits, you have an instant handle.  I find it to be very useful for holding things like Vac jewels or other small parts for buffing.  They're held securely instead of getting ripped out of your fingers and flung into the deep dark corners of the shop.  (been there, eh?)

 V 2.0 has a chuck designed for hand tightening.  Overall length is 7"  The handle is about  5 1/2" long and 1 1/4" at the widest part  so that you get a good grip.    I've listed them here instead of on the "stuff"  page because if you do pen repair, you need this tool!

These will be out for sale at the Ohio show.  I suspect that once people see one being used at my seminar on Friday, they won't last long.  If you want to order one (and pay for it)  and pick it up at the show, we'll be happy to put your name on one.


*Gulliver's Travels and Busman's Honeymoon respectively.

What's with this "fully restored" thing anyway? 
There are some sellers out there who will put a sac in a pen and call it "restored."   I'm not one of them.
I started repairing pens for myself back in the late 80s or so, and of course was restoring them
the way that I thought that they should be.... and the way that most people would want their pens
to be.  The work is done with attention to detail, nice looking, cleaned, nib smoothed,
polished and working.   That habit was ingrained in me,
and it's still the way I repair pens - for my self, to sell, or for clients.

Note that all pens are sold without ink, cartridges or converters
 unless otherwise noted.

Wondering how we grade pens?
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