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All pens shown are restored, in nice working order, and backed by our standard warranty
Details about each pen will be provided below.  

Please note that the pens shown are not to scale.
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The first firm "I wants it!" gets the pen.

Pen #2580      Sheaffer Triumph Crest     $217

Overall Grade:  extra fine
Metal:  excellent Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  none Filler: plunger
Point:  fine
Imprint:  excellent Size:  5.4"
COMMENTS This is a gorgeous pen, and very nice writing too,  The Triumph Crest was made in the early 1940s  the first generation of Triumph nib pens. Crest pens have a gold filled cap, with the white dot on the end of the blind cap.  There are a few small dents on the very top of the cap, two small flea bites on the side of the cap - you have to look for them.  I've been sorely tempted to keep this pen -  nib though an extra fine writes very nicely.  A great pen, that I found comfortable to use.  The pen has a plunger filler, recently restored with our long life synthetic rubber materials, which should give many years of service.  We recommend a bit of  silicone grease on the rod so that moves freely.  We sell small jars of the same grease used in the shop for $5.

Pen #2564              Parker Vacumatic 51             $157

Overall Grade: extra fine
Metal:  excellent Material:  Lucite
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  Filler:  vacumatic
Point:  extra fine
Imprint:  none  Size:  5.3"
COMMENTS:  Your classic Vacumatic 51.  No dings in the cap, no tooth marks, fully restored.  No date code either, but no hint of a worn one below the clutch ring,  which makes me wonder if it is an early  double jewel pen with a replacement cap.  Its been in my collection for many years - and I don't remember when or where I bought it.  Fully and freshly restored.  

Pen #2568   Sheaffer Craftsman  fine italic nib    $107

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: Forticel
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:   Filler:  lever
Point: #33 fine italic
Imprint:  crisp Size:  4.5"
COMMENTS Admittedly one of the more humble Sheaffers, the Craftsman from the 1940s to about 1950.  This is one of the later production pens with the Forticel plastic, and a #33 nib, which in this pen is a fine italic.  Note the nice bright, clear section.  Fully restored.  

Pen #2535        Streamlined Duofold Jr   SOLD

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:   Filler:  button
Point: fine
Imprint:  extra fine Size:  4.72"
COMMENTS This is a streamlined Duofold Jr from the 1930s....   the style that Parker copied when they made their  Big Red in the 1970s.   I find that I prefer the streamlined design over the flat tops of the 20s.  The Jr is a comfortable size pen for every day, general writing - not too big, not too thin.  The curved section is comfortable to grip, and the cap posts firmly.  The clip is an original clip, no brassing on the clip or cap band.  The nib is a smooth fine, Vacumatic style nib, and the pen has a vacumatic style feed.   Some wear in the middle of the imprint, but still quite readable.    Its a great, nice writing pen!  If nobody buys it, I'll be happy to put it to use myself.

Pen #2582       Webster          $167

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  none Filler: button
Point:   extra fine
Imprint:  CRISP Size:  5.0"
COMMENTS The bear and the pen do have something in common....  The bear is Herge',  who travels to pen shows with us.  The repair people have mascots that go with them - Binders have  Pig,  Kennedy have Monkey (Woodrow stays home now) - we have Herge',  who sits behind me with his shop apron that is embroidered "shop bear".   Herge'' was found one morning at a show,  under the table cloth on Richard's table, with his paw in the bowl of Dove chocolates, and was delivered to our table by a rather stern Mr Binder.  He figures that with a disguise, Richard wouldn't recognize him  if when he showed up again.  The pen in the picture is also in disguise.  The imprint on the barrel says  Webster  Pen, Chicago Il.  But the end of the original nib was marked with a 7 and a single dot.  The plastic looks quite familiar too - as do the blind cap, button, section, feed,  cap band,  and washer clip.  Disguised and marked Chicago, Il, it was in fact made in Janesville, Wisconsin.   Do you know what it is?   Parker made pens for a number of other companies.  The celluloid is clearly the same material used in the gray marbled Vacumatics, and the Parker (wait for it....)  Challenger.  Parker simply took the Challenger pen, put in a nib marked Webster, stamped the described name and city on the barrel, and added discs with threads to screw them into the inner cap and blind cap.  Except for the name, its all Parker.  Even the date code on the nib was a Parker date code.  The original nib was missing the iridium on one side, and I did not want to have it retipped.  But the Parker Vacumatic nib fits quite well, and writes very nicely.  The clip and band plating are original.  The end discs have been replated.  Quite a nice and unusual pen.  Fully restored of course.

Pen #2576        Waterman Moire' CF rollerball pen    $97

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: gold plated brass
Nib condition:  NA Flaws:   Filler:  rollerball refill
Point: NA
Imprint:  NA Size: 5.3"
COMMENTS From the weird but wonderful department - a Waterman CF rollerball in a the gold Moire' finish.  This is the only CF rollerball I've handled.  The pen takes a modern Waterman  rollerball refill.  Don't ask me to explain.  This is how I found it.  The pen is clean, no brassing, I've really scrubbed the engraving of the moire' pattern to get the schmutz out.  There are a couple of places where the pattern is slightly worn, but overall  the pen is in excellent condition.  The refill in the pen writes, but I'd order a couple from Bertrams....  I have no idea how long it will last. 

Pen #2574        Stickered Sheaffer Imperial pen and Pencil set    $147

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: gold plated
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:   Filler:  cartridge/converter
              converter included
Point: fine
Imprint Size:  5.2"
COMMENTS: We just picked this set up a few days ago.  Not precisely mint, but still stickered and in excellent condition. No dings, and the ends of the pen and cap are rounded, not mushed in.  The sticker is on the back side of the cap, and is marked fine.  The pen has the original black end converter.  Given its age, I've upgraded the converter with a PVC sac.  The pencil works, the box is in generally good condition - a little damage to the front edge on the top.  The instructions are dated 9/74 - about the time that I was just starting college.   A beautiful set...   I  used a No Nonsense that I picked up at Jamesway on my way out to campus that year... (I still have it too1) I wish that I had known that these pens existed!

Pen #2572        Filcao Columbia    $147

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: plastic
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  see comments Filler:  button
Point: fine
Imprint:   Size:  5.4"
COMMENTS I've had this pen for quite some time - no notes on where I got it, but I remember that it came in with a chipped section and damaged nib.  The section has been replaced with one from a different pen, but is the right length and diameter.  The nib unit is a Schmidt 2 tone gold plated nib.  These pens have chrome clip, but a sterling cap band and barrel band.  The pen has been restored with a PVC sac.   The Lapis material is bright and beautiful!  There's only one - and it just might find its way back into my pen case!

Pen #2581      Esterbrook J   2556 nib       $67

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: cellulose acetate
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  none Filler: Lever
Point:     9556 - "fine writing"
Imprint:  excellent Size:  5.1"
COMMENTS No need to wax eloquent about the Esterbrook, but we tend to anyway. It is a sturdy, reliable pen,  made better in many ways I think, than pens by the big manufacturers.  Instead of celluloid,  its made out of  cellulose acetate which is more stable.  Instead of nickel plated brass, the clip and band are stainless steel,  I've never seen a brassed Esterbrook clip or cap band.  I've known them to survive a Syracuse winter in a snow bank, and start to write right away then found,  The nibs unscrew to be changed or replaced.  You can even put an Osmiroid calligraphy nib in the pen if you want to.    The 9000 series nibs are iridium tipped, and made of a durable, corrosion resistant metal.   Fully restored and ready to use.

Pen #2577    Blue Parker Vacumatic Major      $197

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  none Filler: vacumatic
Point:   extra fine
Imprint:  excellent
            3rd quarter 1945
Size:  5.0"
COMMENTS The Parker Vacumatic was introduced in the mid 1930s with its revolutionary vacuum filling system, holding the ink directly in the barrel, filled with a pump at the back end of the pen.  When new, the pens had transparency in clear bands on the barrel which allowed you to see the ink level in the pen.  The barrel has ambered and darkend over the years, as is typical with these pens,  But the color is bright and even on both cap and barrel.  The nib is a smooth extra fine, the imprint excellent - a little wear on the date code, which is still readable.   Fully restored and ready for you to use.

Pen #2559       Parker Vacumatic Jr.       SOLD

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  none Filler:  vacumatic
Point:    extra fine
Imprint:  excellent
              1st quarter 1946
Size: 5.1"
COMMENTS  The Parker Vacumatic Jr is the same size as a Major, but the Major difference (pun intended) is from the neck up - the Jr  feed is smaller, the nib is smaller, the cap has two bands instead of the wider band - and no blue diamond.  Even the diameter of the section is the same.  Comfortable pens to write with, posted or unpasted, though I usually post the cap on these pens.  The trim on this pen is in excellent condition, no brassing or dings, no tooth marks,  and a deep, crisp imprint. There is some transparency to the barrel - I think because the clear bands on the pen are closer together than you find with some others.   Freshly restored.

Pen #2533       Sheaffer Balance Set   MINT!    $147

Overall Grade:  MINT
Metal:  excellent Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws: none  Filler: lever
Point:  fine
Imprint:   CRISP Size: 5.6"
COMMENTS Here's a real gem that we came across recently.   Otto apparently wasn't a fountain pen user.  The pen was never inked, and is in absolutely mint condition.  Crisp imprint, perfect trim, the sticker still on the pencil.   The section is as clear and bright as you'll ever find one, the plating on the nib perfect.    Its sad really, because the nib feels like  the pen will be a nice writer.   The box is in nearly perfect condition too.    But there's the name in the barrel.  You can look at it as a pen that belonged to someone else, or you can say that the pen is named Otto Snider.   Whatever the case, its an exceptionally clean set, and you can be the first one to ink it.... unless you decide that you want me to fill it and test it before we end it out to you.  Just let me know when you write to order the set.

Pen #2552        Sheaffer 676  Feather Pattern Targa Ballpoint      $47

Overall Grade:  NOS
Metal:  excellent Material: lacquer over brass
Nib condition:   Flaws:  none Filler:  BP
Point: BP
Imprint:   Size:  5.1"
COMMENTS  NOS Sheaffer Targa 676 feather pattern ballpoint.  This is one of the more unusual finishes for the Targa line,and not seen very often.   The pattern is engraved in the barrel, with a clear lacquer finish applied so that the surface of the pen is smooth.   As near as we can tell the pens were made between 1986 and 1993.   A new blue refill has been put in the pen.  No box
Pen #2554      clipless  Sheaffer Tuckaway     $147

Overall Grade:  extra fine
Metal:  extra fine Material: celluloid
Nib condition:   excellent Flaws: see description Filler:  plunger
Point: extra fine
Imprint:  excellent Size:  4.5"
COMMENTS  The war time Triumph pens have a short section and the wide cap band.  The Tuckaway is usually found without a clip, as is the case with this one. The caps for the full size pen fit if you want a clip on your pen.  The barrel on this one has nice transparency and a clean imprint.. There is a small dimple on the cap band.  No brassing.  Fully restored with our high grade, long life rubber materials

Pen #2547    Sheaffer 1003  Matte Black Targa           $147
   custom ground 1mm stub nib

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: lacquer over brass
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  see comments Filler: cartridge/converter
              converter included
Point:  custom ground 1mm cursive italic
Imprint:   Size:  5.4"
COMMENTSThis version of the black Targa dates from around 1990.  The plastic barrel liner has been replaced by a more durable metal thread bushing and  the end has the metal trim ring to prevent the end of the barrel getting chipped.  The nib is a custom ground 1mm stub - 1mm down stroke, 0.4mm horizontal.   I think that the pen is NOS, but there is a little sheen from posting to the matte finish on the barrel.  Even on NOS pens the cap clutch compresses and loosens over time, so I've installed a new cap clutch so that the cap closes with a firm, crisp SNAP!  In the box with the original papers.  There is a new converter in the pen, and we'll throw in a cartridge of whatever color we come up with .  

Pen #2507        Sheaffer Saratoga snorkel      $137

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: Forticel
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  initials  JLL engraved
              on the cap band.
Filler: snorkel
Point:  medium
Imprint:  excellent Size:  5.6"
COMMENTS  The Sheaffer Saratoga was one of three open nib model pens.   Sheaffer was pushing their Triumph nib pens, so the open nib pens didn't get a white dot, though everything except the nib unit and snorkel tube was the same.  The same.  ...except no dot.    This pen is in excellent condition, fully restored, and of course a PVC sac has been installed instead of latex, so it won't fail and leak if you use a fancy ink in it.   It should last a good long time even if you don't!   

Pen #2460             Sheaffer Military Clip Balance       $137

Overall Grade:  extra fine
Metal::  extra fine Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  none Filler: plunger
Point: fine
Imprint:  extra fine Size:  5.2"
COMMENTS:  A brown Military clip Balance.  Military clip not because its short, but because it is a standard clip turned upside down and folded over the top instead of  on the side of the cap so that the cap could sit low in the pocket, and the flap of a military shirt pocket could be buttoned closed. least that was the argument.  I still smile to myself when I look at the picture of a couple of Jimmy Doolittle's crew looking at a globe, and there's the Sheaffer Balance proudly sticking up and displacing the pocket flap in a military publicity picture.  Someone no doubt had a cow when they saw that.  The  pen is clean, no cracks,  a nice smooth nib,  good imprint, and of course fully restored using our high grade rubber materials.

Pen #1018H      Vermeil Sheaffer Nostalgia Ballpoint          $87
Overall Grade:NOS
Metal:  excellent Material: vermeil
     = gold plated sterling silver
Nib condition:  NA Flaws: none Filler:  BP refill
Point:    Imprint: Size:  5.3"
COMMENTS:   The Nostalgia is uncommon enough today.   This is the first time I've seen the Nostalgia in a factory ballpoint version, and they're rather rare.   The pens use the standard Sheaffer ballpoint refill.  Monteverdi makes a Gel BP refill that will fit this pen if you prefer  rollerball refills.

Pen #1034H or #1043H    Sheaffer Legacy rollerballs        $87
Overall Grade:  NOS
Metal:  excellent Material: see description
Nib condition:   Flaws: none Filler:  Sheaffer rollerball refill
Point:  NA
Imprint:  NA Size:  5.5"
COMMENTS:   Both pens are NOS, mint.   No box.  The brown is the  9041  like leather finish -  a heavy lacquer coating made to look like leather.  The lower pen is the 9030 sandblasted palladium finish.  Sheaffer used the same finish with a matte black cap that is also quite the good looking pen.  These are easily converted to fountain pens - simply remove the section and snag the spring in the bottom of the pen with a bent paper clip.

Both pens are new old stock.   If I have another refill I'll stick it in the brown pen - no guarantee on how long the refill will last because I have no idea how long it's been in the pen

9041 brown like leather pen  - $117

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