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All pens shown are restored, in nice working order, and backed by our standard warranty
Details about each pen will be provided below.  

Please note that the pens shown are not to scale.
Prices do not include shipping.

Please email to purchase pens.


Pen #2151   Black and pearl Sheaffer Balance      $177

Overall Grade:  extra fine
Metal:  excellent - gold plated Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  Filler: lever
Point:  fine 5-30 nib 
Imprint:  excellent Size:  6.1 "
COMMENTS:    Combo pens  are somewhat uncommon, and finding one in this condition even more so. A lot of manufacturers made them for a while.  Not sure why they weren't popular - maybe because they're longer than the regular pen, or because they didn't hold quite as much ink.  Still cool though.  They were revived in the late 80s.  Lamy, Sheaffer, Rotring and others made multi-pens, or pens with both pen and pencil in them with a twist mechanism,  This Streamlined Balance Combo has nice color, no brassing.  The pencil  screws straight and firmly into the barrel, and works.   It uses 0.046" "standard" leads, which translates into about 1.1mm, which is available.   Note that because this  a combo it is a bit shy of  3/4"  longer than the standard Balance.   Restored of course!  

Pen #2172       1005   Sheaffer Targa   $127
Overall Grade: excellent
Metal:  gold plated Material: gold plated
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  name engraved in cap
Filler: Cartridge/converter
               converter included
Point:  fine
Imprint:   Size:   5.3"
COMMENTS Dating from 1975, this is a 23K gold electroplated pen.  They're very well made, and the plating holds up very well.  In excellent condition, no dents, no wear to the plating.  

Pen #2125       683  Sheaffer Medici  Diamond Targa  NOS Medium    $237
Overall Grade: excellent
Metal:  nickel - extra fine Material: gold plated
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  NONE Filler: Cartridge/converter
               converter included
Point:  Med. 14K
        NOS, chalk marked
Imprint:   Size:   5.3"
COMMENTS Dating from 1989, the Medici Diamond Targa is brass with a clear lacquer finish.  One of the more desirable and less common Targa patterns.   NOS medium nib with converter.    In the box,  with instructions.  New cap clutch installed to insure secure closing of the cap.
Pen #2180   Parker Vacumatic Major        $157

Overall Grade:  extra fine
Metal:  extra fine - nickel plated Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws: none Filler: vacumatic
Point:  fine
Imprint:  extra fine
         4th quarter 1944
Size:  5"
COMMENTS:  I like to think about the history at the time a pen was made.  Who knows what was written with  the pen - maybe just mundane things like a shopping list, but maybe orders were signed, letters home or to a GI.  Its fun to speculate.   By the the time this pen was made, while not a foregone conclusion, the tide had turned for the Allies in WWII.   The light of a new day was beginning to glow on the horizon.  The pen is darkened a bit, the trim is solid though not a shiny bright, is solid.  Fully restored, ready to write.

Pen #2167   Debutante Parker Vacumatic       $137

Overall Grade: extra fine
Metal:  excellent - gold plated Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws: none Filler:  speedline
Point extra  fine
Imprint:  extra fine
              2nd quarter 1939
Size:  4.4 "
COMMENTS:  We recently sold a Vacumatic Maxima which was the largest Vacumatic made.  This is at the other end of the scale, and from about the same time period.   The pen has a very clean speedline filler unit.  The color of the pen is good, a little transparency to the barrel.  Chevron cap band.  The nib is an exceptionally smooth extra fine.  This would be a nice pen to write with on a regular basis.

Pen #2148   Parker 21      $57

Overall Grade:extra fine
Metal:  stainless steel Material:  plastic
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  a little waviness on the hood
           shows in picture
Filler: aerometric
Point:   extra fine octanium
Imprint:    Size:  5.1"
COMMENTS: I usually don't list Parker 21s, but this one is in decent enough shape.   Parker 51 style feed, collector and nib, just restored with a clear PVC sac installed.  Nice frosting still on the cap.  No cracks in the plastic.  

Pen #2171      Parker Raven ringtop       $87

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  gold plated Material:  celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  none Filler: button
Point:   fine 
Imprint Size:  4.4"
COMMENTS:   About the same, and same size, as the Lady  Duofold.  But the pen is marked Parker, and the nib "Parker pen,"  not Duofold.  Every bit the same quality though, and many of the parts are interchangeable.  Christmas tree feed.

Pen #2164    Parker  50  Falcon  FP and BP set       $147

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent - gold plated Material: stainless steel
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws: none Filler: cartridge/converter
             new converter
Point:  medium
Imprint Size:  5.14 "
COMMENTS:   Somehow I missed this pen when I finished college in December of 1978, not that my mind was working on anything beyond figuring out how to meet expenses and find a full time job.  If I had seen them though, chances are that I would have bought one.  The fountain pen made it out in time for the 1978 Christmas sales, and appeared in the catalog in 1979.  The cap and barrel are brushed stainless steel,  the nib is frosted, with the front part of the nib polished.  Like the T1, the nib and section are one piece.  The pens were offered as a BP and FP set, so this is likely the way they were purchased.  The trim is clean, with a little wear on the FP clip.  The  cap actuated BP has a working refill, and will of course take the Parker Gel refill.  I tried one of the pencil inserts, and it worked.  The pen has been cleaned, and the nib adjusted and smoothed.

Pen #2169              GF Parker 180               $117

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent - gold plated Material: gold plated
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws: none Filler: cartridge/converter
             converter included
Point:  M/XF
Imprint Size:  5.18 "
COMMENTS:   A classic from the "skinny pen" era, the Parker 180 was introduced in 1977.   I don't think I even knew about them until about 10 years later.   They're called the 180 because the pen has two line widths.  The ads said "One nib.  One Point.  Two ways to write."   The medium side contacts the paper with the silver bar on top.  Flip the pen over, with the feed on top, and you have an XF nib.   This pen is exceptionally clean,  and though I rarely use the words "near mint" to describe a pen, I sure am tempted  with this one.   No dings, no brassing, clean as can be, with the original squeeze converter inside.  

Pen #2147      Streamlined Duofold Jr Pencil       $67
Overall Grade: extra fine
Metal:  extra fine - gold plated Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws: Filler: 
Point: 0.046" =  1.1mm lead Imprint: extra fine  Size:  6"
COMMENTS:    Parker simply rounded the end of the  Duofold pens when they made them streamlined, but the pencil called for a complete redesign of the body.  The fancy gold end was abandoned all together, and the design updated to match that of the pen.    The color on this pencil is better than that of most of the pens you'll find.

Pen #2185      Sheaffer Sovereign      $147
Overall Grade: extra fine
Metal:  extra fine - gold plated Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws: see comments Filler:  plunger filler
Point: extra fine Imprint: extra fine  Size:  6"
COMMENTS:   This is the last year production version of the Sovereign, so 1948.  Up till then the pen has a Triumph nib, this has the open nib   The nib feels like it is overly large for the pen, but that's what came in the pen.  The only flaw is that you have a bit of a ridge where the plastic is tight over the inner cap.  The pen has been restored with our high grade rubber materials for a very long life.

Its not an exact match because the cap bands are a bit different, but it would make a nice "set" with the Sheaffer Stratowriter below.

Pen #2174            Carmine red Sheaffer Tuckaway               $137

Overall Grade:  extra fine
Metal:  excellent - gold plated Material:  celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws: a couple*   flea bites in the cap band  Filler: plunger
Point:  extra fine
Imprint: excellent Size:  4.5"
COMMENTS:   The Tuckaways are popular pens. Sheaffer made the Tuckys or some form of short, compact pen  from the 1930s into the late 60s, ending with the Compact Imperials.  With a clip, they're short shirt pens, without a clip a pocket or vest pocket pen.  Except for the Compact Imperials (we've have some of them for sale too) which use a standard cartridge, none of them hold a heck of a lot of ink.  There just isn't enough sac/barrel/plunger stroke/whatever to hold pull in and hold the ink.  Fully restored with our high grade, long  life rubber material.

*I have found out that in some parts of the country,  "couple" does not necessarily indicate "two," but could mean 3 or 4.  We won't go into the social and relational implications of that.  By couple, I mean two.

Pen #2183      Green Sheaffer TD Tuckaway      $127
Overall Grade: excellent
Metal:  extra fine - gold plated Material:  Forticel
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:none Filler:  touchdown
Point:fine Imprint: extra fine  Size: 4.5"
COMMENTS:    Sheaffer introduced the first Tuckaways in the 1930s with gold plated overlay, open nibs,  then again with the Triumph nibs,  and continued with them all of the way into the 1950s in the standard Tucky form.   Technically the Compact Imperial isn't a  Tucky, but it serves the same purpose.  This one shares parts with the larger, so called "Fat" touchdown - nib, section, blind cap...   But they're short pens, with a short clip, and a short sac/touchdown tube.  The sac is maybe 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" long.  They don't hold a heck of a lot of ink.  But they're popular pens, and great pocket pens, or pens for say a polo shirt pocket (I don't buy them without pockets.  YOU do? Really?)   No dents in the cap, and the section is exceptionally clean - note the bright transparency.  The nib is NOS.

Pen #2178              Clipless Sheaffer Tuckaway             $157

Overall Grade:  extra fine
Metal:  extra fine - gold plated Material:  celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws: a couple of flea bites in the band,
 nothing deep - you have to look for them
Filler: plunger
Point fine
Imprint:   excellent Size: 4.16"
COMMENTS:  The WWII era Sheaffer Tuckaway Triumph pens were made in two versions - with and without the clip.  This one is the later.  A nice little pen that writes well, and is a comfortable size with the cap posted.    I would describe the nib as a fine nib with good plating on the end.   There is some transparency to the barrel.  Restored of course, with our high grade rubber materials for a long useful life!

Pen #2114         Sheaffer Tuckaway set            $127

Overall Grade: excellent
Metal:  perfect  Material:  plastic
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:   none Filler: plunger
Point:  fine
Imprint: excellent Size:  4.5"
COMMENTS:  Pants pen?  Vest pocket pen?  Polo shirt pen?  You decide.  Tuckies are short in the pocket but comfortable to write with when  posted.  Some people love them, some hate them. Not sure what the plastic is whether it's Forticel or celluloid.  The pen has the cartridge style filler unit (as in the section unscrews and the whole filler comes out of the body with the section).  The pencil is working and has some leads (thin leads) in it.    In the original box.  While the pen is in excellent condition, the box has some wear to it.  Restored and ready to use.

Pen #2140    Sheaffer Stratowriter     $67

Overall Grade: excellent
Metal: gold plated Material:  plastic
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  none Filler: Sheaffer BP refill
Imprint: excellent Size:  5.3 "
COMMENTS:   Sheaffer made ballpoints to go with their fountain pen and pencil sets.  This is about the size of the fat Touchdown pens.  Its in excellent condition, no brassing, no cracks, excellent imprint.  The clip has the button on it to indicate that it is a ballpoint and not a fountain pen.  The section screws firmly into the barrel.    The pen has been udated with a Sheaffer "widget" adapter, spring and a plug in the barrel so that the pen can use a modern Sheaffer refill.  Cool pen.

Pen #2159             Sheaffer Valiant Autograph pen           $147

Overall Grade:  extra fine
Metal:  14K gold Material: Forticel
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws: none Filler: lever
Point:  medium
Imprint:  extra fine Size:   5.3"
COMMENTS:   Sheaffer pens with wide 14K cap bands appeared early on in the company's history.  The word "autograph" connected with the pens with these wide  bands didn't appear until around 1931, and on the Balance pens in 1939.  The clue that this is still and Autograph is the 14K on the cap band and on the clip (you can see it on the band in the picture above) and the 2000 on the barrel.   The 2000 isn't the model, but the price - $20 for a pen was really something back when the pen was made.  The Valiant was the largest of the pens made at the time.  Though not perfect, it is in extra fine condition.  There is of course the name in the band, but there's also a bit of a wrinkle near the lever (shown in inset) , and a bump on the lever,  With the 14K band and clip, it would be priced much higher if it were in perfect condition   The pen has been restored and is ready to write.  The  band is engraved T.C. Caswell.

Pen #2084      Sheaffer Slim Fashion pen        $35

Overall Grade:NOS
Metal:  gold plated or chrome plated Material:  plating or powder coat over brass
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:   Filler: cartridge/converter
              converter included
Point:   med
   gold tone nibs are plated
Imprint Size: 5.14"
COMMENTS:   Sheaffer modified their TRZ pens (1983) in 1986, straightening out the clip and changing the cap top to metal from black plastic, relabeling it the Fashion pen.  This was Sheaffers last super slim pen, before the increased the size of the Fashion pen to make the fatter Fashion II.    These pens have the finish applied over brass.  Nibs are steel or gold plated steel.  The converters in the pens are slim converters.  NOS - try to find one today for this pen or for the slim Targa.   The red end standard converters are $20 these days because the supply is finite.   If you have a slim Targa and want a converter, consider these pens.  Mint NOS.   A great stocking stuffer!

Please state desired finish when ordering.

black available
brushed chrome available

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