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All pens shown are restored, in nice working order, and backed by our standard warranty
Details about each pen will be provided below.  

Please note that the pens shown are not to scale.
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Pen #2670  Vacumatic Major         $167

Overall Grade: extra fine
Metal:  excellent Material: Celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:    Filler: vacumatic
Point:   fine
Imprint: excellent
              2nd quarter 1946
Size:   5.1"
COMMENTS:  The Parker Vacumatic was nearing the end of its run in 1946.  This second generation Major has decent color to the celluloid.  The  part of the cap that shows in the picture is one of the dark bands, but in general the celluloid of the cap is the same as what you see in the barrel.  No brassing on the cap band and the clip.  While not  perfectly shiny white, the trim has good color, and shows reasonable wear.    Freshly restored.

Pen #2683 Colibri Dilbert pen      $20

Overall Grade: excellent
Metal:  Material: 
Nib condition:   NA Flaws:  none Filler: 
Point:   NA
Imprint: NA Size:   6"
COMMENTS: Robyn keeps saying, "You haven't listed the Dilbert pen."  I haven't listed the Dilbert pen, so I'm listing the Dilbert pen.  Made by Colibri in the 1990s, it is a long pen, about 6" in length and about the diameter of a Targa.  Dilbert's head is the "button."  It uses Parker/DIN style refills.  I've put a new black Schmidt EZFLOW refill in the pen.  It looks to be NOS, in the box, with the sticker on the back.  The plastic of the cover has yellowed a bit, but I'm assuming that you're really interested in the pen.
   I had a friend who worked for a larger insurance company.  Bob liked to post Dilbert cartoons on his cubical wall.  Eventually the management said that he needed to take them down.  It was demoralizing to the staff.   Bob says that he used to think that the management read Dibert for the humor, but  later came to the conclusion that the real reason was that they were looking for ideas.  

Pen #2682       Parker Oversize Vacumatic      $387

Overall Grade: excellent
Metal:  gold plated Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  none Filler: Vacumatic
Point:   soft fine
Imprint:  extra fine
            Oct 1936
Size:  5.4"
COMMENTS:  The  Oversize Vacumatic was the largest of Parker's Vacumatic lineup, about the same size as the streamlined Duofold Sr.  This one is in  excellent condition.  No brassing, no tooth marks.  The pen is Canadian, so both the nib and the pen are marked "Canada."   I describe the nib as "soft" because it is not a firm nib, but has some spring to it, not enough though to call it a flexible nib, but neitehr is it a firm nib.   The date code is "16" with not dots.  Information in the Vacumatic book suggests that Parker was really getting into detail with both dots and two digits in their date codes in this era - the dots showing the quarter of the year, the number the month in that quarter,  6 for 1936, 1 for the first month , no dots the last quarter = October.  Or we could be totally wrong, and it's the first quarter of 1936.  Whatever, it'sfreshly restored and ready for you to ink up and use.

Pen #2675       Jade Oversize Lifetime  Balance    $257

Overall Grade: extra fine
Metal:  gold plated Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  none Filler: lever
Point:extra fine
Imprint: extra fine Size:  5.6"
COMMENTS: This is an early production Oversize Balance - note the long humped ball clip, and short section.  Decent color on the barrel.  I think that the cap appears just a tad darker in the picture than it really is - could be my monitor.  No cracks or tooth marks.  There is some brassing on the ball and at the very top of the clip, a couple of brassing marks on the cap band.   Nice smooth extra fine nib. 

Pen #2684      Petite black and pearl Balance    $97

Overall Grade: extra fine
Metal:  gold plated Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  see description Filler: lever
Point: firm extra fine  5-30 nib
Imprint: excellent Size:  4.2"
COMMENTS: This is the smallest Balance Sheaffer made.   At just a bit under 4 1/4" long it's a sweet little pen. .  AThe nib is a smooth extra fine 5-20.  The  color in the picture is accurate.   No cracks, no crazing, no tooth marks.  There is the typical brassing on the ball of the clip - the rest of the trim is clean.  There is a posting mark at the end of the barrel.  It's close enough to the imprint that I've decided not to try to clean that up.  

Pen #2665  Sheaffer Valiant AKA "Fat Touchdown"     $187

Overall Grade: extra fine
Metal:  excellent Material: Forticel
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  see description Filler:  touchdown
Point:   medium nib
Imprint: excellent Size:   5.1"
COMMENTS:  I will admit, I am tempted to keep this pen.  The Valiant is the largest of the pens of this  era, the fat Touchdown was made for only 1 year - 1948-49.   I find them to be very comfortable to write with.  I have a number of the Valiant pens that aren't likely to go anywhere.  The nib on the pen is a medium that is almost a stub.   There is some slight variation in line width, but not enough I don't think, to call it a stub nib.  There is a small dimple in the section that you can see in the picture.  The trim is clean, no brassing.  The thread ring is clean as well.  A PVC sac has been installed in this pen, so it should go a good long time before needing to be serviced again.  Nice pen.

Pen #2619   Medium nib Sheaffer Admiral - stickered medium  NOS   $147

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: Forticel
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  none Filler:  snorkel
Point: medium
Imprint:   Size:  5.6"
COMMENTS:  It isn't often that you find a stickered, NOS snorkel.  There is no evidence that the nib has ever seen ink, and the snorkel tube is clean.  The internal parts are as clean as a whistle.  The rubber seals have been replaced with and OEM Sheaffer 0-ring, and original Sheaffer style point holder gasket.  The only thing not with the original seal is the sac, which is PVC.  If you want a latex sac, I'll  put one in,  but you're better off with a PVC sac if you might use the pen.  Water tested only.  I have not buffed the pen, but only cleaned it up a bit with my pen polish.  

Pen #2628     Duofold Jr       $147

Overall Grade:  extra fine
Metal:  replated Material:  celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:   replated trim Filler: button
Point:   fine
Imprint: extra fine Size:  4.5"
COMMENTS:  The first vintage pen that  I bought was a  Parker   Duofold Jr.  I paid a good chunk to have it  restored back in 1988, more than I  charge today!  They're nice pens,  and the  Duofold  design  has been copied  a gazillion times over the years, and still is today.   This one has a Vac style nib and feed, the imprint decent, though it 's showing it's age.  The trim has been replated because the cap band was brassed,  and I  plated the clip to match color.  A nice  pen  that I carried for a month or so, that's also a  nice writer.  

Pen #2656   semi-flex  Wahl Ringtop    $157

Overall Grade:  extra fine
Metal:  excellent Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:   Filler:  lever
Point: semi-flex fine #4
Imprint:  excellent Size:  4.9"
COMMENTS Larger than the typical Wahl ringtop, this pen is the same size as the standard military clip pens, but with a ring top instead.  The  Lapis blue celluloid is blue-on-blue, with decent color that really doesn't come out in the picture.  The nib is a largish #4, semi-flex.  You can see the difference in line width.  Not wet noodle flex by any stretch of the imagination, but I think it has more than a bit of spring to it.   As Paul Erano would say, "It's a nice pen!"  Fully restored of course.

Pen #2641  #1       Sheaffer Statesman         $147

Overall Grade: extra fine
Metal:  excellent Material: celluloid  (see comments)
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:   Filler:  lever
Point:   fine
Imprint: worn Size:   5.2"
COMMENTS:  The Statesman dates from 1945, and production ran until about 1948.  I'm assuming that the material is Forticel, but it could be celluloid, as the pens were celluloid from 1945-47, when they changed over to Forticel.  But the white dot is on the top of the cap where Sheaffer put them on some of  the earlier pens, making me thing that this is celluloid. The trim is clean, no brassing at all, the nib a smooth fine with a good platinum mask, the thread rings are clean too.  The flaw?  Essentially no imprint except the price code.  If you're more interested in a good writing daily carry VS collectible value with a crisp imprint, consider this one.  Freshly restored.

Pen #2676       Parker Depression pen     $127

Overall Grade: excellent
Metal:  gold plated Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  see comments Filler: button filler
Point: fine
Imprint: worn but readable Size: 5.1"
COMMENTS:   The Depression era pens were a bit down the scale from the  streamlined Duofold Jr, though they shared the same section  feed etc.  Very attractive pens with the stepped cap top and blind cap..  This clip and cap bands on this pen  show some darkening of the metal, so may have been replated.  No tooth marks or cracks.  Nice color to the celluloid.  The nib is a smooth fine.  

Pen #2671  Blue Cedar Vacumatic 51         $147

Overall Grade: extra fine
Metal:  excellent Material: Lucite
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:    Filler: vacumatic
Point:   fine
Imprint: nearly  invisible Size:   5.5"
COMMENTS:  Except for the lack of an imprint, this is a nice clean vac 51.  Clean trim, refrosted Lustraloy cap, original jewel,  smooth fine nib.  I don't know what the white spot is - but it's not on the pen.  Just restored and ready to write.

Pen #2660       Transitional Vacumatic 51     $157

Overall Grade: excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: Lucite
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:   Filler: vacumatic
Point:   extra fine
Imprint:  excellent
            1st quarter 1948
Size:  5.4"
COMMENTS  Made right at the beginning of the transition in 51 design from Vacumatic to Aerometric .  The pen has the long feather clip instead of the blue diamond clip,  tab at the top to hold the clip and keep it from rotating, and just "Parker" on the cap.    The cap has been refrosted, and has a reproduction jewel.

Pen #2681  Esterbrook Desk Sets  $49

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: cellulose acetate
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  see description Filler:  lever
Point: see description
Imprint:   excellent Size:
COMMENTS: I came across a bunch of Esterbrook desk sets recently, and grabbed them.  I'm putting the fountain pens up for sale here.  All have been restored, all have good 2000 series nibs, and none of them are your run of the mill nibs.  The 8 Balls are clean, the clear tapers are very clean, no tooth marks or discoloration,  The black set is an earlier version with  rings cut into the taper at the barrel/taper joint, and has an appropriate earlier nib.  All are $49 - I just want to move them out.  The nib described goes with the base - I'm not swapping them around.  Specify which base you want  - color and number please.  Nib descriptions are from the Esterbrook nib chart.

#1 - Teal - 2988 nib -  broad nib
#2 - Black 2048 nib -  "shaded writing"   Note that theire is a very small bit of a bent to  the taper .
#3 -  gray  2284 nib -   signature stub

Pen #2677  Sheaffer  2780 Triumph   Imperial     $67

Overall Grade: fine
Metal:  excellent Material:  palladium plated
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:   none Filler: cartridge/converter
          NEW red end squeeze converter included
Point:   fine
Imprint Size:   5.2"
COMMENTS:   This one has been in my collection for quite some time, unused as my hands seem to like the larger pen.  The 2780 Imperial Triumph Imperial was produced in 1995-96.  The pen  has a 23K gold plated pen, as sold by Sheaffer.   It is a nice, smooth writing fine,   No dings or dents, new red end squeeze converter. 

Pen #2644     Fantasy Connaisseur     $357

Overall Grade:  new
Metal:  excellent Material:  Forticel
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:   none Filler: cartridge/converter
             converter included
Point:   fine
Imprint Size:  5"
COMMENTS:  Though there are some pictures out there of models, to my knowledge these were never sold by Sheaffer.  Made with original Sheaffer parts, but assembled to produce a marbled "Connaisseur."   The last time  I had one of these to sell was back in October.  Who knows when I'll have the parts to make another one...  A gorgeous pen with a fine 18K Connaisseur nib

Pen #2664              Sheaffer Targa 1000       STICKERED        $87

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: chrome plated
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:   Filler:  cartridge/converter
              squeeze converter included
Point: medium steel
Imprint:   Size:  5.1"
COMMENTS One of the classic, basic finishes of the Targa - chrome plated, vertical lines.  Though not mint, the pen still has the (faded) sticker on the back side of the cap.  The nib is a smooth medium.  It has the original red end (so synthetic) sac converter in it.   I've replaced the cap clutch so that it closes firmly.  No dings, dents or mushed ends.   A nice, clean pen.  It comes in a red Sheaffer box.

Pen #2658  NOS, stickered  Sheaffer Fashion pen 1 (slim)   $67

Overall Grade: NOS
Metal:  excellent Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:   Filler: cartridge/converter
         slim converter included
Point: gold plated
Imprint:   Size:  5.4"
COMMENTS I thought about putting this pen on Cheapskate Alley, but it's too nice.  The pen is NOS, bought with a bunch of stuff from a local jeweler.  It has the original slim converter, which can also be used in a slim Targa.  Mint, NOS, no ink in the pen.  The pattern is the "wavy line" pattern seen on some of the Lady Scripsert pens.  Nice pen.

Pen #2624        Sheaffer Sovereign II     $177

Overall Grade:   excellent
Metal:  extra fine Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  see comments Filler:  plunger
Point: fine
Imprint:  excellent Size: 4.9"
COMMENTS:  The Sovereign II was made with a wire band from about 1942 - 1946.  The "II" was a way to avoid confusion with the Balance model with the same name.  Sheaffer really never was good about coming up with new model names...  This one is NOS.   The barrel very clear, the color of the celluloid bright, the imprint crisp, and the thread ring clean - there is a little roughness at the top of the clip.  Even the inside of the cap is clean.  The head gasket and seals of course dried out long ago, so the pen has been restored with our high grade rubber materials.  A nice little pen... 

Pen #2627    Lady Duofold ringtop  $127

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material:  celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:   Filler:  button
Point:   fine
Imprint:  extra fine Size:  4.5"
COMMENTS:  Duofold Sr, Duofold Jr, Lady Duofold.....   in descending order by size.  This is a clean pen, nice imprint, excellent nib,  clean trim, crisp knurling on the blind cap and cap,  clean ringtop.  The pen is the same length as a Duofold Jr, but  the diameter is a little thinner.  This one has a nib marked DUOFOLD PEN, and a Christmas tree feed.   Lady's pen or a vest pocket pen - you decide, but there's no doubt that this pen is a nice one!   Fully restored and ready to be used....

Pen #2626      Parker VS  BROAD NIB    $117

Overall Grade:  extra fine
Metal:  extra fine Material:  celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  staining at end
     of section.
Filler: button
Point:   BROAD
Imprint:  worn  2nd quarter 1947 Size:  5.1"
COMMENTS: The Parker VS was billed as a lower priced alternative to the Parker 51.  They share some design elements - the cap parts are interchangeable with the Parker 51, though the clip design is different, and the same clutch ring.  The plastic though is not as hard as the 51 Lucite is.  The clear feed is entertaining because you see both the ink and the air returning to the sac.  OK, entertaining if  you're stuck at home with the flu maybe, but I did find it to be  interesting.  The nib is a true BROAD nib, nice and fat and smooth.  The cap has been refrosted, the jewel is original.  This pen has the aluminum button filler with the aluminum thread bushing that screws in from the back end.  Fully restored.

Pen #2620   Sheaffer Tuckaway    $117

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: Forticel
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:   Filler:  plunger
Point:   Extra fine
Imprint:  excellent Size: 4.5"
COMMENTS:  The Sheaffer Tuckaway is a funky pen.  They're short pens capped,  but a decent length for writing when posted.  They're short, so you aren't going to write an epistle with the limited ink supply.  The clip is often mistakenly referred to as a "military clip," but it isn't a military clip, it's just short.  Like the pen.  I suppose it was the last hurray as a vest pocket pen, except that it doesn't have a ring top.  A great pen for polo shirt pockets, or just for your pants pocket. No dents in the cap, clean trim, a smooth XF nib.  Sheaffer futzed around quite a bit with what to do with the white dot, especially on the metal cap pens.  This one has the early metal ring around the dot , abandoned when they figured out that they could just secure it directly in a hole in the cap like they did with the plastic cap pens.   Nice pen.

Pen #2606  1005S  gold plated fluted  slim Targa    $87

Overall Grade:  extra fine
Metal:  excellent Material: gold plated
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  see comments Filler:  cartridge/converter
               converter included
Point: fine
Imprint Size:  5.4"
COMMENTS This pen dates from about the year that Robyn and I got married.  Gold plated fluted pattern, NOS nib, and an original slim converter  upgraded with a new PVC sac installed. (there's half the price of the pen!)   The nib is to the best of my knowledge NOS, though it has been tested.   The cap is engraved  Bank of Boston.  

Pen #2590     9041 Brown Leather Look Legacy   Right Oblique nib    $297

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: gold plated
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:   Filler:  cartridge/converter
               converter included
Point:   right oblique  stub
Imprint Size:  5.5"
COMMENTS One of the more unusual finishes, the  leather look Legacy  Heritage dates from around  2004.  It is a textured lacquer finish - not leather or plastic.  The nib is a NOS right oblique stub.  The pen comes with one of the red end (PVC sac) converters.  

Pen #2678 or 2679       Esterbrook SJ     $57 each

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: cellulose acetate
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws: none. Filler:  lever
Point:  both pens -
      9556 extra fine firm
Imprint:  excellent Size: 4.6"
COMMENTS  Both of these pens are the slightly shorter,  slim version of the Esterbrook pens - longer than the purse pens, but a tad shorter than the Esterbrook J.  Clean pens in excellent condition, restored with mint NOS Esterbrook 9556 nibs.   The 9000 series nibs were Esterbrooks best - I don't sell pens with 1000 or 2000 series nibs.  The feeds are the later "dip tip" style.  Freshly restored.

Pen #2663  Sheaffer  Vintage   $67

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: plastic
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  none Filler:  cartridge/converter
              one cartridge will be included
             with the pen.  Converter available
Point: gold plated medium
Imprint:  excellent Size:  5.1"
COMMENTS:   The Vintage is an upscale version of the No Nonsense..  Gold plated trim, gold plated nib,, with a gold disc in the top of the cap.  They're nice pens - and you can put a Balance or Connaisseur nib in the pen.  I like them,  and have a couple stashed away.

Pen #2554      clipless  Sheaffer Tuckaway     SOLD

Overall Grade:  extra fine
Metal:  extra fine Material: celluloid
Nib condition:   excellent Flaws: see description Filler:  plunger
Point: extra fine
Imprint:  excellent Size:  4.5"
COMMENTS  The war time Triumph pens have a short section and the wide cap band.  The Tuckaway is usually found without a clip, as is the case with this one. The caps for the full size pen fit if you want a clip on your pen.  The barrel on this one has nice transparency and a clean imprint.. There is a small dimple on the cap band.  No brassing.  Fully restored with our high grade, long life rubber materials

Pen #2674  Fineline by Sheaffer  $47

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material:  Forticel
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  none Filler:  lever
Point:  NOS  343  medium
Imprint:  excellent Size:  5.0"
COMMENTS:  I've had this one knocking around for quite a while, and took a close look at it the other day.  It really is a decent pen - a better answer IMO to the Sheaffer  Addipoint.   With the Fineline you change the nib, not the whole section.  There were a couple of different versions, one with the flange at the end of the collar, and one without.  This NOS nib has the flange.    Excellent condition - no flaws, clean trim,  crisp imprint.  The medium nib installed is a nice writing, smooth nib.  I have a NOS  #340 extra fine nib that we can throw in for an extra $5.  Like the Esterbrooks, they just screw in.

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