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All pens shown are restored, in nice working order, and backed by our standard warranty
Details about each pen will be provided below.  

Please note that the pens shown are not to scale.
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We've sold a lot of pens in the last few weeks.

Not to worry -  we're preparing a bunch of pens for a new update....


The first firm "I wants it!" gets the pen.

Pen #2580      Sheaffer Triumph Crest     $217

Overall Grade:  extra fine
Metal:  excellent Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  see comments Filler: plunger
Point:  fine
Imprint:  excellent Size:  5.4"
COMMENTS This is a gorgeous pen, and very nice writing too,  The Triumph Crest was made in the early 1940s  the first generation of Triumph nib pens. Crest pens have a gold filled cap, with the white dot on the end of the blind cap.  There are a few small dents on the very top of the cap, two small flea bites on the side of the cap - you have to look for them.  I've been sorely tempted to keep this pen -  nib though an extra fine writes very nicely.  A great pen, that I found comfortable to use.  The pen has a plunger filler, recently restored with our long life synthetic rubber materials, which should give many years of service.  We recommend a bit of  silicone grease on the rod so that moves freely.  We sell small jars of the same grease used in the shop for $5.

Pen #2564          Parker 51         SOLD

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: Lucite
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:   Filler:  Vacumatic
Point: extra fine
Imprint:  none Size:  5.4"
COMMENTS A  Parker 51 from the 40s - no imprint on the barrel.  I don't know if this is original, or a replacement barrel from Parker.  I have seen some NOS  replacement parts that came out of  Parker without imprints or date codes.  Very clean with no brassing, no dents, and a smooth extra fine nib.  Reproduction jewel.

Pen #2589         Demi Blue Cedar Vac  Parker 51    $147

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material:  Lucite
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:   Filler:  vacumatic
Point:  extra fine
Imprint:  excellent
  1st quarter 1948
Size:  4.8"
COMMENTS: Unlike the aerometric demi Parker 51 pens,  the diameter of the Vacumatic demi 51  is the same as its full size siblings, section,  cap and blind cap are the same - but the barrel is about 3/4" shorter.  A great length for a pocket pen, or to fit in a polo shirt pocket, but still comfortable to hold when the cap is posted.    There are a number of different shades of blue cedar.  This one is closer to navy blue.  There is some transparency to the shell,  which I've seen in a number of  Vac 51 pens over the years.  The clip and cap finish are appropriate for a transitional era 51.  Parker was moving away from the Vacumatic 51 design, eliminating the  blue diamond clip, introducing the tab on the top to keep the clip from rotating.   The pen is fully restored and tested.  Reproduction jewel..

Pen #2583   Dove gray Vacumatic Parker 51   SOLD

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: Lucite
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:   Filler: Vacumatic
Point:  fine
Imprint:  excellent
    1st quarter 1943
Size:  5.4"
COMMENTS   This 51 was made in the darker days of WWII - and you would have been lucky to get it.  The 51 was very popular, but hard to get.    The pen has a smooth fine nib, "stacked coin" cap, original jewel.  It has been refrosted with a scratch buff finish.  A nice clean pen, fully restored of course.

Pen #2588  Aerometric Parker 51    $147

Overall Grade:  extra fine
Metal:  excellent Material: Lucite
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  see comments Filler:  aerometric
Point: extra fine
Imprint Size:  5.4"
COMMENTS The aerometric 51 is nearly bullet proof.  The plyglass sacs (Parkers name for PVC sacs) last a long time, the Lustraloy caps don't rust or corrode, the Lucite is really tough....  Most of the time we replace a sac not because its leaking or damaged, but because its stained and dark.  This pen has a new PVC sac, the cap has been refrosted with a scratch buff finish like the original.    The only flaw is a bit of a ripple in the shell below where the barrel threads end.  Reproduction jewel.

Pen #2569      Sheaffer TM Touchdown       SOLD

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: Forticel
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:   Filler:  touchdown
Point:  extra fine
Imprint:  crisp Size: 5.3"
COMMENTS In some ways I prefer the TM (thin model) Touchdown pens to the snorkels.  They have the same elegant lines and a pneumatic filling system without the  funky snorkel design and all of the problems that go along with it..  The nibs themselves are identical.  This pen is fully restored, and a PVC sac installed for a long useful life.

Pen #2587   Sheaffer Statesman    $157

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:   Filler:  plunger
Point: fine
Imprint:  crisp Size:  5"
COMMENTSThis Sheaffer Statesman was made somewhere in 1947, before they abandoned celluloid for the pens - note the "cartridge" type of plunger filler i.e. it screws into the barrel instead of having the section fused to, and the ink held directly in the barrel.   I find the Triumph nibs of this era to be some of the smoothest writing pens Sheaffer made.  A little smaller than the Valiant, it feels comfortable in the hand.  The white dot on this pen  has turned a bi brown, but the celluloid is still bright, the trim clean (no dents or brassing).  I will say that the  lines in the pattern of the celluloid give the illusion of a warped pen - but it isn't.  Hold the pen up by its ends between  your thumb and pinkly finger with a light background and rotate the pen, and you'll see that its perfectly straight.  Fully restored using our high grade synthetic rubber materials for a long useful life.  We recommend buying a small jar of silicone grease with the pen  to lubricate the piston on occasion to keep it sliding easily in the packing unit....  about the only maintenance that this pen will need, aside from occasional flushing.  Nice pen.

Pen #2586   Conklin Endura Symmetric    $137

Overall Grade:  extra fine
Metal:  excellent Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  see comments Filler:  lever
Point:  extra fine
Imprint:  excellent Size:  5"
COMMENTS  I don't have Conklins very often. and when I do they tend to be the flat end Enduras with the grooves cut  in them.  This is a nice pen from the 1930s, about the diameter of a Parker 51.  The celluloid is clean, the color bright.  There is a bit of brassing at the top and bottom of the clip, and a flea bit in the middle which you can see in the picture.  But it also has a nice wiring extra fine nib.  Fully restored and tested!

Pen #2554      clipless  Sheaffer Tuckaway     $137

Overall Grade:  extra fine
Metal:  extra fine Material: celluloid
Nib condition:   excellent Flaws: see description Filler:  plunger
Point: extra fine
Imprint:  excellent Size:  4.5"
COMMENTS  The war time Triumph pens have a short section and the wide cap band.  The Tuckaway is usually found without a clip, as is the case with this one. The caps for the full size pen fit if you want a clip on your pen.  The barrel on this one has nice transparency and a clean imprint.. There is a small dimple on the cap band.  No brassing.  Fully restored with our high grade, long life rubber materials

Pen #2533       Sheaffer Balance Set   MINT!    $147

Overall Grade:  MINT
Metal:  excellent Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws: none  Filler: lever
Point:  fine
Imprint:   CRISP Size: 5.6"
COMMENTS Here's a real gem that we came across recently.   Otto apparently wasn't a fountain pen user.  The pen was never inked, and is in absolutely mint condition.  Crisp imprint, perfect trim, the sticker still on the pencil.   The section is as clear and bright as you'll ever find one, the plating on the nib perfect.    Its sad really, because the nib feels like  the pen will be a nice writer.   The box is in nearly perfect condition too.    But there's the name in the barrel.  You can look at it as a pen that belonged to someone else, or you can say that the pen is named Otto Snider.   Whatever the case, its an exceptionally clean set, and you can be the first one to ink it.... unless you decide that you want me to fill it and test it before we end it out to you.  Just let me know when you write to order the set.

Pen #2547    Sheaffer 1003  Matte Black Targa           $137
   custom ground 1mm stub nib

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: lacquer over brass
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  see comments Filler: cartridge/converter
              converter included
Point:  custom ground 1mm cursive italic
Imprint:   Size:  5.4"
COMMENTSThis version of the black Targa dates from around 1990.  The plastic barrel liner has been replaced by a more durable metal thread bushing and  the end has the metal trim ring to prevent the end of the barrel getting chipped.  The nib is a custom ground 1mm stub - 1mm down stroke, 0.4mm horizontal.   I think that the pen is NOS, but there is a little sheen from posting to the matte finish on the barrel.  Even on NOS pens the cap clutch compresses and loosens over time, so I've installed a new cap clutch so that the cap closes with a firm, crisp SNAP!  In the box with the original papers.  There is a new converter in the pen, and we'll throw in a cartridge of whatever color we come up with .  

Pen #2507        Sheaffer Saratoga snorkel      $137

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: Forticel
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  initials  JLL engraved
              on the cap band.
Filler: snorkel
Point:  medium
Imprint:  excellent Size:  5.6"
COMMENTS  The Sheaffer Saratoga was one of three open nib model pens.   Sheaffer was pushing their Triumph nib pens, so the open nib pens didn't get a white dot, though everything except the nib unit and snorkel tube was the same.  The same.  ...except no dot.    This pen is in excellent condition, fully restored, and of course a PVC sac has been installed instead of latex, so it won't fail and leak if you use a fancy ink in it.   It should last a good long time even if you don't!   

Pen #2572        Filcao Columbia    $147

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: plastic
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  see comments Filler:  button
Point: fine
Imprint:   Size:  5.4"
COMMENTS I've had this pen for quite some time - no notes on where I got it, but I remember that it came in with a chipped section and damaged nib.  The section has been replaced with one from a different pen, but is the right length and diameter.  The nib unit is a Schmidt 2 tone gold plated nib.  These pens have chrome clip, but a sterling cap band and barrel band.  The pen has been restored with a PVC sac.   The Lapis material is bright and beautiful!  There's only one - and it just might find its way back into my pen case!

Pen #2552        Sheaffer 676  Feather Pattern Targa Ballpoint      $47

Overall Grade:  NOS
Metal:  excellent Material: lacquer over brass
Nib condition:   Flaws:  none Filler:  BP
Point: BP
Imprint:   Size:  5.1"
COMMENTS  NOS Sheaffer Targa 676 feather pattern ballpoint.  This is one of the more unusual finishes for the Targa line,and not seen very often.   The pattern is engraved in the barrel, with a clear lacquer finish applied so that the surface of the pen is smooth.   As near as we can tell the pens were made between 1986 and 1993.   A new blue refill has been put in the pen.  No box

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